Requirements On How To Obtain Industrial Training Fund ITF Compliance Certificate

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  • Overview

  • The Industrial Training Fund was established by Law in 1971 to promote, accelerate and encourage the acquisition of indigenous skills required in industry and commerce to meet the developmental needs of Nigeria. By this law, every employer with either 5 or more employees and apprentices, or with less than 5 employees but with a Turnover of N50m and above per annum must contribute one percent (1%) of the amount on its pay roll to the Industrial Training Fund each year (ITF ACT SECTION 6 (1 – 3). Employers who fall under this category, but fails to make such a contribution within the prescribed period is liable on conviction to pay the contribution in addition to a fine of 5% of the amount that is unpaid.

  • The Industrial Training Fund ITF Compliance Certificate is also a major document required if you are applying for tenders, contracts in any Federal government MDA’s. Any Supplier, contractor or consultant bidding or soliciting contracts, businesses, goods and services from any Federal Government Ministry, Department, Agency, commercial, industrial and private companies. The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) issues the certificate.

  • How To Apply For ITF Certificate

    1. a. A prospective Employer is expected to complete ITF Form 7A
    2. b. The completed Form 7A is to be submitted to the nearest ITF Area Office along with:
      1. i. A copy of the company’s Corporate Affairs Commission’s Certificate of Incorporation.
      2. ii. Certified true copies of the company’s Audited Account.
      3. iii. A copy of the company’s Tax Clearance.

    3. c. The company will be assessed for its liability by ITF Revenue, Inspectorate and Compliance Officers.
    4. d. The client will then generate RRR through the ITF Pay-portal or Remita platform. After generating the RRR, the client will take same to the Bank for payment of Training Contribution.
    5. e. After payment, the client will bring the printout of payment and duplicate Teller from the Bank to ITF Office.
    6. f. Hard copy of receipt and acknowledgment letter will be issued to the client.
    7. g. The ITF Area Office will then forward the employer details as contained in the form 7A to Headquarters’ Revenue, Inspectorate and Compliance Department for issuance of ITF National Number.
    8. h. The ITF National Number will then be sent to the Area Office for Scripting and issuance of Certificate of Compliance.
    9. i. A Certificate of compliance will be given to the client as evidence of compliance with the ITF Act.

  • Registered/Existing Employer

    1. a. Already registered employers/companies are expected to complete ITF Form 5A (available online).
    2. b. Submit the completed ITF Form5A to the ITF Area Office where they are registered for vetting of their liability to the Fund.
    3. c. Generate RRR on the ITF Pay-Portal or Remita platform.
    4. d. Make payment into ITF Account through Banks.
    5. e. Submit evidence of payment to the Area Office.
    6. f. The Area Office will then issue Compliance Certificate to the Employer/company.

  • Processing Time

  • Not more than 2 weeks from time of application

  • Caution: Applicants are strongly advised to deal directly with the Commission in matters relating to Compliance to avoid being defrauded by touts. Applicants can contact the Commissions Compliance and Enforcement Department for further inquiries. Should you encounter any difficulties or are unable to process your Compliance Certificate please do not hesitate to contact any of our approved Professionals by clicking here

  • Benefits/Opportunities Of Getting ITF Certificate

  • Getting your firm ITF compliant make it eligible for your firm to participate in any federal government contract in Nigeria.

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