Requirements For The Issuance Of Oil And Gas Permits

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  • Overview

  • Pursuant to Section 8, subsection 1(a) and 9, subsection 1(a) & (h) of the Petroleum (Drilling and Production) Amendment Regulations 1988, the Director of Petroleum Resources is empowered to formulate Regulations/Guidelines from time to time for the smooth and safe operations in the Oil and Gas Industry and section 60A of the Petroleum (Drilling and Production) Amendment Regulations 1988, which provides that no company shall render or be engaged to render technical services to the Oil Industry without first being registered and issued a permit to carry out such services by the Director of Petroleum Resources. On the basis of this legal framework, any service company that operates in the Oil and Gas sector without a service permit is in contravention of the provision of the above Regulation.

  • The DPR grants service permits in three (3) areas namely General, Major, and Specialized categories. A company may apply for and obtain permits in more than one category provided it is registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and has the appropriate legal status as well as the competencies/capabilities/equipment to carry out the jobs.

  • General Information

  • As part of its statutory functions, DPR provides regulatory guidelines for operations across the entire oil and gas value chain as listed below:

    1. a. Oil and Gas Industry Services Permit (OGISP)
    2. b. Offshore Safety Permit
    3. c. Oil And Gas Terminal Operations
    4. d. Forged Grant of Permit to Access Flare Gas
    5. e. Grant of Storage and Sales License
    6. f. Minister’s Consent
    7. g. Grant Of Permit For Lube Oil Blending
    8. h. Successful Third Party Blending Approval
    9. i. Tax Technical Safety Control (TSC)
    10. j. Grant of Approval and License for the Construction/ Installation, Modification, Relocation and Operation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Facilities

  • The Guidelines And Requirements Can Be Retrieved Here

  • Requirements For Permits/Grants

  • The following are basic minimum requirements for aspiring SME entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry:

    1. a. Corporate Affairs Commission registration as a corporate entity.
    2. b. Department of Petroleum Resources registration to obtain permit to enter into contracts in the oil and gas industry.
    3. c. Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NIPEX) registration for access to participate in tendering activities on the e-Marketplace hosted by the NNPC.
    4. d. Value Added Tax registration to obtain a number and certificate.
    5. e. Established physical presence (office, staff, facilities, etc.).

  • How To Apply

  • All applications are to be completed online on

    1. a) Online Application – It must be duly completed. Applicants must ensure to provide correct and functional addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail at the time of submission. Any subsequent change must be promptly communicated to:
      The Director,
      Department of Petroleum Resources, 7, Kofo Abayomi Street,
      Victoria Island,
    2. b) Documents – All required documents should be clearly scanned and uploaded to the portal in PDF or JPEG format (documents shall not exceed 4MB). Uploading of zipped documents not allowed.
    3. c) Certification/Registration by Professional Bodies/Regulatory Agencies – Under major and specialized categories where services of professionals or licensed/certified practitioners are required, applicants are to attach certificates of membership of such Professional/company and/or other relevant documents as may be applicable. Examples of such Professionals/company certification are as follows:

    1. i. COREN for construction and engineering.
    2. ii. Nigerian Environmental Society (NES)
    3. iii. Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON)
    4. iv. Nigerian Institute of Science and Laboratory Technologists (NISLT)
    5. v. Nigerian Conservation Society (NCS)
    6. vi. Nigerian Security & Civil Defense approval for security jobs
    7. vii. Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)
    8. viii. Customs license for Freight, Clearing and Forwarding
    9. ix. Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)
    10. x. Pharmaceutical Council of Nigerian (PCN)
    11. xi. Nigerian Tourism Council
    12. xii. Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)
    13. xiii. Recruiters License for Manpower Supply etc.

  • Note: That application with false or forged documents will be disqualified with applicant forfeiting the remitted fees. DPR also reserves the right to prosecute on this regard.

  • Processing Time

  • For General and Major Category, it take a maximum of 72 hours (3 working days) after payment confirmation. For Specialized, processing may take longer.

  • Caution: DPR will not deal with unauthorized representatives of applicant. Applicants are strongly advised to deal directly with the Commission in matters relating to Compliance to avoid being defrauded by touts. Applicants can contact the Commissions Compliance and Enforcement Department for further inquiries.

  • However, Should you encounter any difficulties or are unable to process your Compliance Certificate please do not hesitate to contact any of our approved Professionals by clicking here

  • Benefits/Opportunities Of Getting Permit

  • The Nigerian Content Development Act 2010 has provided the legal framework for stimulating investment in the Nigerian oil industry. By this, local capacity is being built via defining minimum Nigerian Content value for particular goods and services, and presents various opportunities for SMEs participation in both technical and non-technical categories. This means more business opportunities for sectors like Engineering Design, Fabrication and Construction, Materials and Procurement, Well Drilling, Research and Development, Exploration, Transportation, and Health, Safety and Environment, Information and Communication, Finance and Insurance, Installation and Commissioning, Inspection and Testing, Project Management, Surveying, Modification and Maintenance, and Shipping.

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